Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics

Digital Wellbeing

About the project

Assisted Living is one of the government and research councils' main agenda items to address the growing gap between the supply and demand for home care for the elderly and others needing care. A research facility/laboratory is being established to consolidate existing expertise in wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, health informatics, context aware services and intelligent data processing and pattern recognition to position the University to effectively respond to the growing opportunities in the Assisted Living sector.

The enabling technologies for Digital Wellbeing are real-time wireless localisation and identification, distributed and embedded systems, data mining and pattern recognition, and bio-feedback sensing. Recent research and knowledge transfer work in these areas includes:

  • Business+ project on the modelling and presentation of sensor data in a telecare/assisted living environment (J. Briggs and D. Curry with PassivSystems Ltd)
  • Business+ project in embedded intelligent remote management and diagnostics of audio video switching equipment (R. Khusainov, D. Azzi in collaboration with Smart-e Ltd)
  • Intelligent email management and Ensemble based machine-learning algorithms (R. Khusainov)
  • Knowledge-Based Quick-Response Decision Making in the Food Processing Industry (Muna Hamdi)
  • KTP project on the modelling and presentation of clinical outcomes based on physiological data (J. Briggs and D. Prytherch with Tigerteam Ltd/The Learning Clinic)
  • Mobile wireless sensors networks and AI for cooperative systems (D. Azzi and B. Haynes)
  • Real-time Dynamic Lift Scheduling System using heuristics search (Muna Hamdi)
  • Real-time wireless localisation and identification, mobile information retrieval and services, location-aware services, context-aware systems and personalisation (L. Yang)
  • Smart Home Healthcare System for the Elderly (B. Vuksanovic – funded by British Council)
  • Telecare Knowledge Network (J. Briggs and D. Curry with South East Health Technology Alliance (SEHTA))
  • Telecare evaluation project (J. Briggs, D. Curry and P. Ross with Portsmouth City Council)
  • Telemedicine and E-Health Information Service (J. Briggs, D. Curry and others with Department of Health, British Library, NHS Information Authority)

Workplace telecare showcase

From January to July 2011, we did a project on behalf of SEHTA, as part of their International Centre of Exellence in Telecare (ICE-T) initiative. The project was to develop a showcase to show the potential of telehealth/telecare in the workplace.

We did this in conjunction with three companies:

  • Active4Charity
  • Health4Myself
  • Wellbeing Support System

The showcase was implemented in Second Life, a virtual world.

Video tours of the showcase:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4