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Health Informatics

2005 Conference


SIHI 2005
Friday 30th September 2005
Richmond Building
University of Portsmouth
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Conference theme

The theme for this, the seventh, SIHI conference is the contribution that Health Informatics could or should make to the Improvement Agenda in the National Health Service.

The NHS is changing and being changed, largely driven by the stated desire of government to modernise all public services. The changes affect:

  • what services are delivered
  • where the services are delivered
  • how the services are delivered
  • when the services are delivered
  • who delivers them (be it different grades of staff or different organisations – even non-NHS organisations)

One size no longer fits all. There are no "bog standard" hospitals. Each NHS organisation needs to find the best way of serving its community, whether that community is a traditional "local" one, or a more dispersed and perhaps specialised one.

One way of judging if any change has been beneficial is to measure the effect of that change (before and after) on “key” indicators.

(If it’s worth paying for) Health Informatics must have a contribution to make to this agenda; both in informing what changes could / should be made and in the judgement of what changes have been worthwhile. Of course, Health Informatics is itself subject to massive changes, both as part of the modernisation agenda and as technology changes. This is a challenging problem.


The aims of the conference are to explore:

  • How can change be informed?
  • How can change, or rather its effects, be assessed?
  • What factors should be measured?
  • How should they be reported?

The conference will address these and related issues and showcase some recent developments (locally, nationally and internationally) that will contribute to improving care and patients' experience of the health service.


If you'd like to participate in the conference, either as a speaker or as a delegate, please contact us.

We'll let you know when the programme is arranged and when registration is open.

The conference will bring together those who are working on all aspects of health informatics, including:

  • clinicians of all types,
  • administrators,
  • system developers
  • academics
  • and others with an interest in the application of ICT to deliver better health care

You don't have to be a SIHI member to join in!

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